Named the real price of gasoline


Photo: Petr Kassin / Kommersant

The price per liter of gasoline AI-92 amounted to not less than 50 rubles, if the state has not taken any measures. About it reports RIA Novosti, citing data from research Vygon Consulting.

“If the cost of fuel at filling stations was determined by the market, a liter of AI-92 today would cost the customer not less than 50 rubles,” — noted in the study. According to the data of 30 July, this figure stood at around 41,51 of the ruble in Russia on average.

According to analysts, in may 2018 wholesale prices exceeded retail. At the same time, the network stations suffered significant losses: they lost 3.6 rubles per each liter of AI-92. In Vygon Consulting reminded that at the end of 2017, the plants were doing a big discount to the consumer — from 3 to 7 rubles per liter, but after the increase in oil prices, the weakening of the ruble refineries (refinery) was powerless in holding down wholesale prices. Only with the help of the government managed to solve the problem: it lowered the excise tax from June and canceled their planned increase in July.

Thus, consumers can be sure that the containment of domestic prices of gasoline will occur regardless of different factors, what is the advantage of this system of regulation of the Russian market. The disadvantages of the model, experts note, include “laying the negative impact from cost containment in refineries and filling stations”.

Earlier, the deputies from the Communist party invited the state to regulate gasoline prices. All other details of the bill, including how the government will affect the pricing, subsequently should set it itself.

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