Nine people went to the funeral and died


Photo: Ministry of Health, Peru

Nine people died in Peru after eating at the funeral. It is reported by CNN.

The country’s Ministry of health found in samples of the food that was served at a funeral in Ayacucho, poisonous chemicals. What kind of substance got into the food, yet to be determined.

Age of victims — from 12 to 78 years. The Minister of health Sylvia Pessah expressed condolences to their families.

As the channel reports, citing the Office of civil defense, the food was the cause of the poisoning, more than 52 people. Some of the victims had to be hospitalized in the clinic of Lima.

2 August it became known that Spain slipped into a coma 17-year-old British tourist. He became ill after a family dinner, found blood insecticides.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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