“Oscars” will start to give blockbusters due to disastrous ratings


Photo: Matt Sayles / Invision / AP

The American Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences will enter for the prize “Oscar” new nomination “the Best film” and will refuse to broadcast the whole ceremony. About it reports The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, August 8.

It is noted that the leadership Academy has decided on the reform of the award due to a failure of the ratings in 2018 — then the ceremony of “Oscars” was seen by a record low number of viewers in history, a decrease of 19 percent (26.5 million people) compared to the previous year.

In the new category will be awarded blockbusters like the Marvel universe movies (“Deadpool,” “Avengers” “Black Panther”) and action movies (“Mission impossible”). The Academy will also cease to show on television the whole ceremony, cutting the stream up to three hours.

Earlier in August, portal USA Today has compiled a list of 11 not-yet-released films, which, according to the critics, be nominated for the award “Oscar-2019”.

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