The state proposed to control the price of gasoline


Photo: Oleg Karsaev / “Kommersant”

Deputies from the Communist party in the Duma introduced a bill allowing the state to regulate gasoline prices. Document published on the portal system of ensuring legislative activity (CREATE). First attention it drew to the newspaper “Izvestia”.

“From January 1, 2019 introduced state regulation of prices for motor gasoline (all types) and diesel fuel, and trade allowances (margins) to the prices on them by establishing their limits,” reads the bill.

How the state will affect the pricing on the fuel market and what parameters will be considered in the future should be to establish a government.

In the explanatory note the authors of the initiative deputies from the Communist party Valery Rashkin and Denis Parfenov noted that the tax maneuver in the oil industry makes the foreign market of oil and oil products and domestic premium puts consumers in a vulnerable position.

“The proposed measure will provide a mechanism of state regulation of prices on the domestic market of combustive-lubricating materials of the Russian Federation and to ensure that consumers are protected from severe price fluctuations in this market and the dramatic growth of the forced cost of gasoline that will reduce social tension in the regions of the Russian Federation”, — explained the Deputy.

In April 2018 in Russia have begun to rise sharply, the price of gasoline. In comparison with indicators of January, it has risen by eight percent. Officials have called the main reason for the desire of oil companies to compensate for the fall in losses from having to sell products within the country and not for export where the price is higher.

On 24 July the state Duma adopted in the third reading the law on the completion of the tax maneuver. He suggests gradual abolition of export duties on oil and oil products by 2024, with a simultaneous increase in the tax on mineral extraction (met). Also, the Russian oil refining factories (NPZ) will be paid back the excise duty in the case if the world prices for oil will be higher than the Russian. This will allow the refinery to reduce the price of its finished products, including gasoline.

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