The Youtube star caused star wrestling in fight by rules MMA


Photo: @loganpaul

Popular Youtube blogger Logan Paul announced his desire to play under the aegis of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC). It is reported by TMZ Sports.

“I want UFC fighting. I have been wrestling all my life!” — Paul stated. According to him, he is ready to step into the octagon against former wrestler and fighter of the mixed style of Phil Brooks, better known as si Em Punk. Paul believed that can emerge from this battle victorious.

C Em Punk has become known as a wrestler, speaking in the show world wide wrestling Federation (WWE). In 2014, the wrestler began his career as a MMA fighter, signing a contract with the UFC. Brooks has twice been involved in fights of UFC tournaments and both times lost.

23-year-old Paul is a popular video blogger. In 2017, Forbes magazine included the five highest paid YouTube bloggers. In the beginning of the year he was in the center of a scandal after the publication of the video, where was shown the body of a suicide in a Japanese forest of Aokigahara.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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