Assistant trump decided to reveal his private conversations


Omarosa Maniga-Numantia: Cheriss May /

Former assistant of the US President Donald trump secretly recorded conversations with him, reports the Daily Beast.

The newspaper’s sources confirmed the existence of Omarosa Maniga-Newman (Omarosa Manigault-Newman) recordings, and that she gave them to listen to other people. It is noted that the records were necessary for the woman to write a candid memoir about working in the White house.

Her book Unhinged: An Insider”s Account of the Trump White House (“Crazy: an insider story about the White house if trump”) will be released on August 14.

Some interlocutors of the edition called conversations recorded between the President and his former assistant “harmless casual chatter”.

“The existence of these records indicates a serious betrayal of the Tramp from the former assistant, who had previously been loyal and, apparently, now decided to cash in on close to the American leader,” the newspaper writes.

The Daily Beast reports that earlier, the former lawyer of the President of the United States Michael Cohen recorded the conversation with trump about payment models Playboy, who said about the relationship with the American leader. The record seized by Federal investigators during the searches in the personal office of a lawyer. According to the newspaper, knowing that he was recorded without his knowledge, trump “was furious and felt betrayed”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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