Died one of the last participants of the battle of Britain


Photo: Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

In the UK died one of the last veterans of the battle of Britain. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Flight Lieutenant Ronald Mackay (Ronald Mackay) was born in 1917. He was drafted into the Royal air force in August 1939, a few days before the outbreak of the Second world war. After training, he piloted fighter “Spitfire” beating off the raids of the Luftwaffe. In September 1940 he was shot down, he was seriously injured. After the war Mackay resigned and engaged in the tourist business in Scotland.

The veteran died at the age of 101 years. Now the living are only eight pilots of the Royal air forces who managed to repel the first attack of Germany on the UK. The younger of them 98 years, the oldest was 105.

On 2 August it was reported that he died a hero of the Second world nicknamed Shorty, who was one of the most undersized soldiers who took part in the Normandy landings.

Battle of Britain aircraft is called a three-month battle between the RAF and Germany, which is considered one of the turning points of world war II. From July 10 to October 30 1940, Germany tried to destroy the British air force, industry and infrastructure to achieve air superiority before the invasion, but was defeated. As a result, after the attack on the Soviet Union, it had to wage war on two fronts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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