Four members of the “gang GTA” got life


Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

Moscow regional court sentenced to life imprisonment four members of the “gang GTA”, accused of a series of murders of drivers on the roads of Moscow, Moscow region and Kaluga region in 2012-2014. On Thursday, August 9, reports TASS.

To life terms sentenced Hasraton Dodohonov, Sargon Kodirov, Anwar Lugardo and Umar Khasanov, another defendant — Zafarjon Gulyamov — sentenced to 20 years in prison.

In addition, the court ordered Kodirova to pay in favour of the victims of 200 thousand rubles, Dodohonov — 500 thousand rubles, Khasanova — 675 thousand rubles. Each of the prisoners recovered costs: Kodirova — 330 thousand roubles, Lugarda — 332,6 thousand rubles, with Dodohonov — 318 thousand rubles, Gulyamov — 277,2 thousand rubles.

Earlier, on 9 August it was reported that the completed investigation of criminal cases of escape from custody members of the gang GTA and assault on law enforcement officers and other persons who were in the Moscow regional court, in August 2017. August 1 the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) has published on its official YouTube channel a video of an investigative experiment with the members of the gang GTA.

According to investigators, the gang consisted of at least 15 immigrants from Central Asia, who in the period from 2012 to 2014 committed 16 robberies in the territory of Moscow, Moscow and Kaluga regions. The result was killed 17 people.

August 1, 2017, four members of the group — Abdumalik of Mamadjonov, Mirzakalon Mirzosharipov, Holick of Subhonov and Fazlitdin Khasanov — attacked a convoy, took away the guards guns and tried to flee the courthouse. They were shot dead. The fifth accomplice in the escape Hasraton Dodohonov was wounded in the head but survived and re-appeared before the court.

The leader of the group, Ubaydullo of Subhonov was destroyed during his detention in November 2014 in Moscow. The name of the gang got on analogy with a series of computer games Grand Theft Auto.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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