Participant of the TV show fell into a stupor for the elementary question


Frame: Turkish TV

A graduate of Istanbul University su Ayhan (Ayhan Su) are unable to answer the question, where is the Great wall of China. It is reported by news Hurriyet DailyNews.

The production of local TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire” was broadcasted on ATV channel on 4 August. The issue of the location of the great wall of China was the fourth game in Ayhan. 26-year-old girl said that he knows the answer, but still want to clarify it from sitting in the audience hall.

However, the results of the vote, only 51 percent of respondents said that this attraction is located in China. Others suggested that her homeland can be India, Japan or South Korea. Confused she used another tip — called a friend. He dispelled her doubts, saying that the wall is indeed in China.

To go further the girl failed she left the show after the next question, which is answered incorrectly.

Local media have speculated that the problem could not be in ignorance of the girl, and her distrust of too simple questions, which she was expecting to see a trick.

Earlier in the network there was a scandal because the British quiz The Chase. Fans of the show suggested that the staff of TV specially manipulated the timer to not allow the contestant to win. However, the staff denied the allegations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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