The woman was frightened by a giant spider, got naked and started to run


Photo: Florida Police

In the U.S. city of Saint Petersburg, Florida, arrested a naked woman fleeing from a huge spider. It is reported by WPLG Local 10.

40-year-old Daniel Tipls (Danielle Teeples) noticed when she ran through the Park with no clothes on. On-the-go woman Ter hair and chest. The drivers of passing cars, attracted by the unusual spectacle, I braked and honked.

When police managed to catch up Tips, she immediately agreed to get dressed. The woman explained that he saw a huge spider dropped the clothes and ran to escape from him. She added that she had recently used crack cocaine, spice and methamphetamine.

The woman was arrested and charged with exposure of sexual organs. The police report did not specify whether it was possible to find a huge spider.

In July it was reported that the streets of the American city of Burlington, Vermont, saw a naked pedestrian. He explained the lack of clothing terrible heat of 39 degrees Celsius.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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