Thieves stole from a brothel presidential insignia and fear returned them


Evo Moraliste: Freddy Zarco / Courtesy of the Bolivian Presidency / Handout via REUTERS

In the Bolivian city of El Alto, thieves stole the presidential insignia of Evo Morales. This writes the newspaper Los Tiempos.

It was assumed that the ribbon and medal, 1825, made of gold and diamonds will be delivered to the city of Cochabamba, where the President arrived to participate in the military parade. But the Lieutenant guarding the values, missed my flight, left the backpack with the jewels in the cabin of the car, covering her with a blanket, and went to a brothel.

The criminals broke the glass of the car and pulled out a bag. However, the next day, the backpack with all its contents had appeared in the Church of San Pedro.

The officer was arrested on charges of negligence. Later law enforcement authorities found out that the theft was attended by four Peruvians, one of them already caught and also detained.

It is noted that Morales “surprised” responded to the loss of the regalia. On parade he attended without regalia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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