U.S. Tasered 11-year-old girl


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In the American city of Cincinnati (Ohio) police used a stun gun on 11-year-old girl suspected of stealing from the store. About it writes The Independent.

The guard, who worked in the supermarket during off-duty hours, to be called to deal with a group of Schoolgirls allegedly stealing goods. When he approached one of the girls, she ignored him and went to the door. The man repeatedly told her to stop, and then just used a Taser.

The fifth-grader was then taken to a local hospital, then transferred to the guardians. The girl is accused of theft and obstruction of justice. Police have restricted the actions at the time of trial.

Mother of the schoolgirl believes that man has no place in law enforcement. “If you can’t run, you need to leave the police. If you are unable to cope with 11-year-old child, you really should leave,” she said.

Law enforcement Cincinnati have indicated that they intend to perform the policy of use of force against minors. According to the rules of the Department, the guards are allowed to use tasers only when suspects are actively resisting arrest. While they can be used against people aged from seven to 70 years. A similar framework has outraged local politicians, in particular, the Deputy mayor of the city. He said he will propose raising the lower limit to 12 years.

Earlier in August in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, police shot and killed 20-year-old boy with down syndrome and autism because of this “threatening situation” to others. As it turned out, he alone went from the house to the street, taking with him a toy gun.

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