Found a way to save the “frozen pension”


Photo: Maxim Kimerling / “Kommersant”

The labour Ministry has proposed to set the timing of the transfer of pension savings when the shift to non-state pension Fund (NPF) to avoid situations where funds continue to invest the Russians after the expiration of the contract between the citizen and the NPF. About it reports RBC.

That some of the NPF receive illegal income, learned the chamber and asked the government to set a deadline for the transmission of savings new pension funds, who to date is missing. The Ministry has advised that the issue is managed.

The Ministry of Finance said that the procedure for the transfer of savings should be established by the Bank of Russia. This means that to amend the government decision no normative act of the Central Bank impossible.

According to the President of the Association NPF, the optimal time of transfer of such payments shall not exceed 30 calendar days. Although the experts recognize that there is a problem, it was noted that high-profile court cases about disputes over “hung” money in a public plane still did not fall.

In late July President Vladimir Putin signed a law requiring the state to notify citizens about the risks of loss of investment income when changing non-state pension Fund more than once in five years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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