Iranian journalist has found an original way to watch football and became famous


Parisa PourtaherianФото: @parisapourtaherian

Iranian journalist Parisa, Porterian (Parisa Pourtaherian) took pictures of a football match from the terrace of the building, located not far from the stadium. According to the newspaper Al Bawaba, so the girl got around the prohibition of women from entering the stadiums.

Porterian got the assignment to shoot a sporting match of two teams in the top national League, held at the stadium Watani. However, in Iran, women are forbidden from entering any stadium where members of the opposite sex sports.

The girl managed to do their job, without violating the rules. For this she had to use the terrace of a nearby high building. Due to the large lens, Portakalian managed to make a clear images that were highly appreciated by colleagues around the world. In addition to professionalism that journalists were struck by the resourcefulness of the girl.

Soccer and volleyball are very popular in Iran, however, the ban on the appearance of women on the stadiums continues to operate. In the case of volleyball, this rule was partially lifted in 2015: women were able to visit some of the stands.

During the football world Cup 2018 fans were first allowed to visit the Azadi stadium in Tehran to watch the telecasting games Iran team against the team of Spain.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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