Parents Melania trump became Americans for the unloved trump scheme


Photo: Chris Kleponis-Pool / Getty Images

Parents are the first lady of the United States Melania trump became Americans. According to The Independent, they went by the way of naturalization, which their son-in-law Donald trump has also been very critical.

The newspaper notes that Viktor and Amalia, Knows (originally from Slovenia) was sworn in as U.S. citizens after daughter sponsored their green card.

At the same time, the lawyer Michael Wilds, which represents the interests of the wife trump, noted that Knowsi applied for citizenship on their own and did not receive any favors or special treatment. According to him, in this case, the system showed that it was operating properly and that the doors to America are open for you fine people.

Melania trump was born in the city of Novo mesto in Slovenia, which were at that time part of Yugoslavia. Since 1996 she lives in new York. Donald trump married in January, 2005, and a year later became a US citizen.

The fight against illegal migrants is one of the main election promises trump. He has repeatedly said that as a result of “chain reaction, when after one of the immigrants in the US are moving their families into the country from other States move “the worst members of society””. According to him, such sponsorship shall be limited to spouses and minor children.

On July 29, the US President also called American laws regarding separation of children of migrants families on the border, “the stupidest in the world.”

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