Russian patrol tracked down an American nuclear submarine in combat


Frigate “Admiral Essen”Photo: Vasiliy Batanov / RIA Novosti

The Russian patrol ship “Admiral Essen” was tracked down in the Mediterranean sea, an American submarine class “Ohio”. About this newspaper “Izvestia”.

The incident occurred during the spring service, the aggravation of the conflict in Syria, but this became known only now. During a two-hour submarine support frigate was able to remove the acoustic portrait and to fulfill the educational task of destroying the imaginary enemy.

The experts explained that such a long support is an excellent result. Great are considered indicators that allow us to prepare to fire missile or torpedo antisubmarine armament of the ship. For modern systems the deployment time is several minutes.

17 April it was reported that the submarine Navy was unable to fulfil the order and to strike at Syria because of pursuing her Russian sailors. Trying to avoid detection, the HMS Astute was supposed to release cruise missiles from the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea, however, she moved towards at least one submarine of project 877 “Halibut”, or 636 “Varshavyanka” (Kilo-class by NATO classification). The result of playing “cat and mouse” the British submarine was trapped and could not exit in a given square for shooting.

United States, France and Britain on the night of 14 April struck Syrian sites that allegedly produced and stored chemical weapons. The reason was the message about its application in the city Duma — the last uncontrolled forces of President Bashar al-Assad village in Eastern ghouta.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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