Tourist shot the guard in the video and went to wash the toilet in the cell


Photo: Ellie Holman page in Facebook

British tourist Ellie Holman, doctor of Swedish origin, together with four-year-old daughter spent three days in a cell at Dubai airport. Reported by the Mirror.

The reason for the detention was the conflict of Holman immigration official, who said that her visa is invalid and she will have to immediately leave the UAE. Holman, in turn, said that he assumed that her visa, which she had previously repeatedly driven in Dubai, is valid because its validity has not yet expired. The immigration officer said the visa Holman disposable and denied her and her daughter entry. After that, the tourist began to remove officials to the mobile phone, there was a conflict, and a tourist was detained.

Approval tourists, along with her child three days kept in a dirty cell, where she had to wash the floors and uncomfortable toilet, and the food was disgusting-smelling food. Her passport was confiscated and charged with three offenses, including “abuse of alcohol” (according to Holman, she drank only one glass of wine, proposed to her on the plane).

The Briton said that because of what happened she lost about 30 thousand pounds (more than 38 thousand dollars) for legal costs and lost profits.

In August it was reported that a tourist from the UK was hit several times by the Indonesian immigration officer in the face after he gave her a fine. The incident occurred at the international airport of Ngurah Rai in Bali. 42-year-old Briton was going to fly to Singapore, but at passport control officers found that her visa expired on February 18. According to the laws of Indonesia, a tourist had to pay a fine of $ 25 for each day of illegal stay in the country. British visa had expired 160 days-that is what the tourist had to pay 4 thousand dollars USA. This caused the woman’s anger and she attacked the officer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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