The Estonians were not able to find released by mistake a missile “air-air”


Photo: Paul Hanna / Reuters

The defence forces of Estonia after a thorough inspection found in the area of the alleged fall of the rocket “air-air”, released on August 7, error with air force fighter Spain, reports “Interfax”.

Soldiers of the 1st infantry brigade checked with metal detectors an area of about 600 square meters and then examined approximately 200 hectares.

“Since the soil was detected a lot of false signals, we use shovels removed the surface layer of soil to a depth of about two feet and continued the search with depth detectors”, — said led the work of the chief of the mine action centre of the defence forces of Estonia captain karmo Saar.

According to him, at depths up to six meters detector also found no signals, indicating the presence of fragments of the rocket.

He did not rule out that the detector could not detect the aluminum pieces of the rocket in a thick layer of clay at this depth.

Search rocket will continue from the air, promised the air force commander of the Estonian Colonel Riivo Valge, but did not rule out that it will not be able to find if it fell in the marshy ground.

The defence forces of Estonia on 7 August, reported that Spanish fighter Eurofighter, part based in the country of the NATO mission, combat accidentally released a missile of class “air-air”. She is believed to have fallen close to Endla nature reserve.

The search area was a peat fire, which was extinguished on 8 and 9 August.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs also commented on the incident, calling the NATO military bloc “useless”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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