The jailers took protection zapisannogo in the Yaroslavl colony inmate


Evgeny Makarov Photo: Fund “Public verdict”

Convicted Yevgeny Makarov, who was tortured in the Yaroslavl colony No. 1, recognized as a victim in the case of abuse of authority by prison staff and received state protection. About this channel “Rain” reported in the Fund “Public verdict”.

8 Aug Makarov presented a resolution on the recognition of his victims, but in this status the case is not questioned, the lawyer explained Eldar Luzin.

The convict also received the decision of the state defence in connection with the criminal case. In the document there is no specific information that she needs to speak. Execution was entrusted to the head of the Yaroslavl colony No. 8, where is now serving his sentence Makarov.

On August 10 it became known that participating in the beating of prisoner employees of the Yaroslavl correctional colony No. 1 testified against his superiors.

According to them, instructions to carry out “educational work” with Makarov they received from the then acting head of IK-1 by Dmitry Nikolaev. To confirm the fulfilment of his instructions captors made a video of torture, the publication of which caused a subsequent scandal.

The defendants stated that Makarov was considered in the colony “malicious violator of the regime”, which insulted the staff, Smoking in the wrong places. In addition, he “wrote all sorts of complaints” in Yaroslavl FPS, “therefore it was known that management was also dissatisfied with” his behavior.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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