Named the customer of murder of Vladislav Listyev


Photo: RIA Novosti

A colleague of the first General Director of ORT Vladislav Listyev in the program “the View,” Dmitry Zakharov called the customer of his murder of the deceased oligarch Boris Berezovsky. He said this in an interview on MixTV, the recording is available on YouTube.

The death of Listyev was linked with a monopoly on advertising on the channel of ORT. “And here’s someone who stood behind Vlad, decide that the First channel introduces a moratorium on advertising by third-party organizations, and directly placing will be engaged in the First channel. That is, at once logical and easy to calculate, who sustained heavy damage,” — said the former host of “the View”.

“Percent with this quarter of a billion was lost we all know the person who is now dead. Who was found not hanged, not hung up in London. That is, it was so obvious that to investigate, in fact, was nothing,” — said Zakharov. “You mentioned Boris Berezovsky”, — said the interviewer, after which the conversation continued.

Mix TV, the project of the portal / YouTube

Leading “Opinion” stressed that broadcasters have repeatedly received threatening phone calls from some “anonymous characters”, which demanded to cancel this innovation. According to the presenter, the Leaves being stupid, not asking law enforcement for protection. “When we are talking about a quarter of a billion dollars, as you know, “wags-wags — and stop” does not work”, — added the colleague of the first General Director of ORT.

TV journalist Vladislav Listyev was killed on March 1, 1995, near his home in Moscow. The crime is still unsolved.

Oligarch Boris Berezovsky was found dead on March 23, 2013 at his ex-wife in Ascot (UK). Priority version of death is suicide.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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