The murder of father of three daughters was premeditated


Photo: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

The murder of sisters Khachaturian their father most likely was planned in advance. On Sunday, August 12, the Agency “Interfax” reported close to the investigation source.

It is assumed that the girls committed the murder was not spontaneous. The investigation revealed that they have thought carefully about their actions. This refutes the initial hypothesis of the investigators.

The source also said that the murder was committed with a hunting knife that belonged to the father of the girls, Mikhail Khachaturian. According to the investigation, the sisters inflicted wounds 35, then two of them with the same knife cut his hands to present the situation as self-defence. An anonymous source called the girls “difficult”.

On 8 August it was reported that the medical examination did not reveal any evidence of sexual assault of Mikhail Khachaturian over daughters. This is contrary to the testimony of criminals.

Earlier, on 2 August, the Ostankino court of Moscow arrested three sisters, killed his father, until 28 September. All of them were charged under the relevant article of the Criminal code of Russia. Girls committed a crime at the end of July 2018. Then they said that the cause was a bad relationship with the father that caused them suffering.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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