The British journalist was beaten for being slow


Julie MacFarlane: Instagram

In the UK, an unknown attacker 29-year-old ABC News journalist Julia MacFarlane (Julia Macfarlane). As she said on his Twitter page, an unknown man hit her when she hesitated at the door of the train.

The girl posted a photo of the attacker with the caption: “This man pushed me from the back and repeatedly tried to hit, because I didn’t leave the train quick enough. East Croydon. The police came to help.” Later the post was deleted.

“I would like to mention that the train was full, no one said anything or did not do, and saw everything. The only person who helped me — literally ran after the man and caught him a short time before he escaped again, was a young black guy named Tisdale. Hero, thank you,” wrote MacFarlane.

According to the tabloid Daily Mail, now the case is investigated by transport police. “All the time that I tried to photograph him, he grabbed me, tried to pick up my phone and waving fists,” — said the journalist. She had to sit on the floor to protect themselves and their property.

“He’s dangerous to others, so I hope that the police catch him. Imagine if I was an old woman,” said McFarlane. It is reported that the girl escaped with bruises and did not need hospitalization.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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