The pilot told about the overturned on the back of the Il-114-100 with canadian engines


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The chief-pilot of Ilyushin design Bureau, Hero of Russia Nikolay Kuimov told TASS one of the most dangerous and exciting flying in his career as a test pilot during the first half of 1990-ies to Il-114-100 with canadian engines.

“We were on a program of large angles of attack (position of the aircraft in the air on the horizontal axis is approx. “Of the”) — for a stall of the aircraft. Two flights — one from the front center of gravity, when the plane’s nose down, second from the back, when the “collapses” with a roll. On the front alignment he falls parachuting, no roll. Choose the wheel full back and in control of the situation,” — said the Hero of Russia.

Back alignment, according to kuimova, there is a very different picture. First, it starts off very strong shaking, secondly, the stall is on the side, turning. Meanwhile, the test had to work first with two working engines, and then with one (“razete”). In the latter case, the plane fell on the angle of attack of 26 degrees with the flaps in the landing position. The height was equal to four thousand meters. The plane “flipped over on his back,” put nose down, pitch — minus 82 degrees (rotation of the aircraft about its transverse axis).

“There is an intensive rotation, the plane — like falling and spinning the spindle. The earth blurred. And immediately silence. And such thoughts… not vain. The first thought that just can help myself. And second, in order to help, you have to be calm,” — said the test pilot.

Kuimov tried to bring the plane out of rotation and he suddenly began to obey. “I realized that this is not a spin, and dive with the rotation. But just from the peak was not to withdraw, to begin with were required to stop rotation, and vertical speed, meanwhile, was growing up,” recalls pilot.

Before the flight Kuimov told the flight engineer to remove the flaps of an airplane without a team at the stall. This decision saved the aircraft from destruction, and the crew was spared, allowing to withdraw the car from the dive.

Soviet-a Russian passenger twin-engine turboprop aircraft Il-114 made its first flight in March 1990. The machine accommodates up to 64 passengers and has a range of up to 6.5 thousand kilometers. Just released 20 of these aircraft, two of which did not fly. Version Il-114-100 has received the power units Pratt & Whitney 127H.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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