The Russians sell the world’s only hat from the wool of a mammoth



Builder Vladimir Ammosov Yakutia sells the world’s only hat from the wool of a mammoth over 10 thousand dollars. It is reported by The Siberian Times.

“My cousin went to the place of burial of a mammoth in the Cossack village of Ust-yanskiy district of Yakutia. There he gathered a complete package of wool mammoth and sold it to me because he needed the money. I looked at the package and thought for a long time that it would have to do, and decided to make a hat. In Yakutia we do the traditional round caps of wool horses, why not try the mammoth and create something truly unique?” — told the 44-year-old Ammosov.

The Director of the mammoth Museum Semyon Grigoriev confirmed the authenticity of wool. “It’s the spiky hat I’ve ever worn. She has absolutely no fragrance, but, unlike, say, the bison, the mammoth was very coarse wool. This hat think you are doing head massage”, — said Grigoriev.

In January the inhabitant of Novosibirsk has put up for sale chess worth 2.8 million rubles. According to the seller, chess created manually in a single copy. To create the figures used more than 20 kilograms of ivory.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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