Canada will supply sniper rifles to the Ukrainian army


Photo: PGW Defence Technologies Inc

Canadian manufacturer of weapons PGW Defense will put a long-range sniper rifles for the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. In an interview with Ukrainian TV channel UATV said the owner of the company Ross Spared.

“In Canada, a very strong Ukrainian roots, and I am quite sure that every Ukrainian in Canada almost certainly will support initiatives for the protection of the interests of their country,” said Spangrud. It is expected that a sniper rifle LRT-3 will supply to Ukraine this autumn.

The owner of the company said that the amount of the contract with the Ukrainian defense Ministry will amount to 770 thousand dollars. How many weapons will be supplied under the contract are not reported. In the contract, in addition to rifles, included post-sale support, service and training.

As noted on the website PGW Defense, a sniper rifle LRT-3 has a caliber .50 BMG (12,7х99 mm — approx. “Of the“), ammo rifle — 5 rounds. Her range is 1800 meters. It is reported that the company is supplying weapons to the United States marine corps, UK Ministry of defence and the land forces of Saudi Arabia.

Canada has approved the delivery of weapons to Ukraine in December 2017. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his country would continue to help Ukraine “protect its sovereignty”. Also until March 2019, it extended the mission 200 canadian military trainers who train the Ukrainian military.

In February of this year it became known about plans of the largest canadian arms manufacturer Colt Canada to rearm the Ukrainian army, putting her up to 100 thousand pieces of weapons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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