Dozens of cars inexplicably burned during the night in Sweden


Photo: Adam Ihse / TT News Agency / Reuters

A group of unidentified youths burned dozens of cars in the Swedish city of Gothenburg and its environs in the night of Tuesday, August 14. About it reports Reuters.

According to police, about 100 cars were set on fire or broken into in the city and nearby Trollhättan and Falkenberg. Several cars burned in the capital, Stockholm. The guards also did not say how many people participated in such aggressive actions.

As said Prime Minister Stefan löfven, the incident looks like a well planned action. “Almost like a military operation,” he said. Who could prepare the arson, the Prime Minister could not tell.

“We had periods with a large number of fires, but on one night, and in such a short period of time in different places — I don’t know,” said a police spokesman in Western region Ulla Brehm, writes TASS. In law enforcement bodies noted that the rally was coordinated through social networks. Arsonists were wearing hoods and hats, so identifying them is almost impossible.

Reuters notes that in Sweden, violence has increased in areas with high unemployment and other problems. The Agency points out that the riots on the night of August 14, similar to what was done in Stockholm in 2013. Then, the young thug the streets of the capital and its surroundings due to the police murder of 69-year-old man with a machete: guards accused of cruelty. At the same time, the causes of the recent promotions are in question.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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