Russian investigators have “lost” material evidence in the investigation of torture in police


Photo: Natalia Seliverstova / RIA Novosti

The investigative Committee began a review of its employees who had allegedly lost the papers for the two complained of torture in police of Orenburg, the press center of the “Committee against torture”.

“Upon the loss history of Vladimir Arkhipov and swabs of blood in the case of Vladimir Prytkova against the investigators Roslyakova and Itkulova appointed dosledstvennaja check,” — said human rights activists.

The report said that no history of the disease Arkhipova impossible to conduct a full examination and determine whether he has traumatic brain injury and how it affected his health. Lost the blood samples from the office of the police was an important material evidence in the case of knocking out the testimony of Prytkova.

According to the “Committee against torture”, the staff of criminal investigation Department of the Orenburg severely beaten Prytkova 19 may 2010. According to the man, he was beaten and abused for about four hours, demanding to slander myself and my brother and to confess to multiple thefts. For retraining Prytkova from the category of suspect witnesses, the operatives demanded a bribe. After leaving the police Department, orenburzhets went to the doctors and later was urgently hospitalized with the diagnosis “Combined craniocerebral injury, brain contusion of medium severity, subarachnoid hemorrhage”. The investigators repeatedly and illegally closed the case.

Arkhipov suffered from the actions of the police in 2011. In the night from 11 for August 12 the traffic police stopped his car twice, tested the man blood alcohol and said he was drunk. He was not allowed to see the test results and demanded a bribe from him. Arkhipov was assured that a sober and willing to undergo a medical examination. In response, one of the officers struck ORENBURGA fist to the temple. Arkhipova was forced to sit in a patrol car and again take the test in the presence of witnesses. When the man was out of the car, he sat in his car and locked from the inside, fearing further beatings. The police first demanded him to go, then one of them opened the trunk, broke the seats, climbed into the cabin and began to choke Arkhipova. Another DPS officer opened the door and began to beat him with a stun gun as a result, he lost consciousness. Already the police Department, the victim called myself an ambulance, he was in the hospital for ten days. According to the medical certificates and the statement from the medical history, after a meeting with security officials he had a brain concussion, bruises of soft tissues of the head and face, and his body burns from the Taser. A criminal case into the incident was initiated.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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