The Australian 14 hours watching movies with Nicolas cage and saw the light


Nicholas Kajkut: the movie “Raising Arizona”

Australian film critic Luke Buckmaster attended night marathon of films with actor Nicolas cage and saw the light. About this he wrote in a column for the Guardian on Tuesday, August 14.

According to him, he called for a movie night, “cage-a-background” within the Melbourne film festival. The program includes seven bands, which followed each other for 14 hours. Among those selected for display of paintings was “Mandy”, “Raising Arizona,” “con Air,” “Kiss of the vampire”, “the Wicker man”, “On West from red cliff” and “drive angry”. Buckmaster said that the audience cried out with each famous quote to the actor. At some point he realized that the audience not applaud individual episodes, but entire career of the artist as a whole.

“I came to “cage-a-background” fan cage. And left with a new, newfound reverence, and now consider it one of my favorite actors. Unless there is light at the other actor, as original and special?” said Buckmaster.

He added that in the hands of the cage “cartoon moments filled with real emotions, and real emotions become cartoonish.” The critic also noted that cage interesting even when the movie does not represent anything.

In 2017, the network has opened a “cell torture” with a continuous stream of films Nicolas cage. The stream got episodes from such films as “the Rock”, “the Wicker man”, “Without a face” and “Bad COP”.

Nicolas cage is an American actor, producer and Director, winner of “Oscar” and “Golden globe”. Gained fame through the film “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Gone in 60 seconds”, “Adaptation” and “con Air”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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