The British commander killed ISIS machine gun with a sniper distance



Sniper of the Special airborne service (SAS special forces British armed forces) with one shot from a heavy machine gun killed the gunman, is located more than one mile (1600 meters). About it writes the Daily Express.

It happened during a covert patrol in Northern Afghanistan in June. A group of soldiers were in the area controlled by the forces of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). They watched the base of the militants, when they saw a field commander, in a joint “hit list” of Britain and the United States.

The military was a sniper rifle, but they decided that to hit the target only from a large-caliber machine gun mounted on one of the military vehicles. For this weapon set special sight.

As noted, the commander of the IG for 20 minutes standing in one place, talking, sitting around subordinates. The publication writes that a bullet with such force hit him in the chest that he lost his shoulder and arm, he died on the spot. The elimination of militants was approved in the headquarters of Joint special operations command in Afghan capital Kabul.

According to sources, the gun will be removed from service and taken to the headquarters of the SAS, where it will be stored as a memory.

Currently, the machine gun type Browning M2, developed in 1932, is in service with many NATO countries and several other States. Practice using it for sniping over long distances began in the Korean war. Daily Express said that killing militants was the first case when the machine gun with the same purpose was used by the soldiers of the British special forces.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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