The interior Minister decided to expel from Russia, the main contender for thieves “tron”


Tariel, Onanimate: Sergey Kiselev / Kommersant

Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev signed a decree on the expulsion from Russia of one of the main contenders for leadership in the criminal world of Russia, 60-year-old head of the Tbilisi thieves clan of Tariel Oniani, known in criminal circles as Taro. On Tuesday, August 14, according to the information Agency (IA) “Primkin”.

Crime boss read a document, the representatives of the interior Ministry in a colony of special regime No. 6 “Black Dolphin” in Sol-Iletsk, where he is currently serving a 10-year period. Less than a year he should go free, and, according to the order of the interior Minister must immediately leave Russia. IA publishes a video response of the Tarot in order Kolokoltseva.

According to the Agency, the Minister signed the order about unwanted stay in the Russian criminal authority on 6 August, he even had to interrupt his vacation and go to work. Oniani may appeal the order to the interior Minister in court. Kingpin Tarot July 19, 2010, was sentenced in Moscow to ten years in prison for kidnapping and extortion.

After the court sentenced Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young) to nearly ten years of imprisonment for extortion, Tarot called the main contender for the title of the Russian “thief No. 1.”

“Everything will depend on whether the lawyers of the Tarot to prove his Russian citizenship in 2010, the FMS acknowledged receipt Oniani invalid, however, the court’s decision on this issue is still there. Thus, according to some, Tarot had to give up his Georgian citizenship”, — said the source “”.

According to him, if the Taro will not be recognized as a citizen of Russia, he will face extradition to Spain: there is a thief in law is accused of organizing a criminal group and illegal legalization of funds acquired by criminal means.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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