The Russians remained dissatisfied with the outcome of the August coup


Photo: Sergei Subbotin / RIA Novosti

More than a third of Russians (38 percent) said the August coup of 1991, the tragic event which led to disastrous consequences. This is evidenced by the data of the survey “Levada-center”, reports “Izvestia”.

The remaining respondents believe the August coup, which resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union, the episode of the confrontation between the top leadership of the state (36 percent) or the victory of the democratic revolution that ended the power of the Communist party (6 percent).

The actions of the State emergency Committee (emergency Committee), 19 percent of respondents rated as an attempt to prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, in the presence of a clear program of the emergency Committee, they are not sure. Half of the respondents (53%) doubt the rightness of the opposing sides. Only 13 percent of Russians believe the members of the Committee, and on the side of Russia’s first President Boris Yeltsin was 10 percent. Sociologists agree in opinion that for the majority of Russians became an obvious loss of all participants in those events.

General nostalgia for the Soviet Union discreditied the events of 1991. “They are perceived negatively and are considered rather as a symbol of “the collapse of a great country”, rather than as a bright episode in post-Soviet history of Russia”, —said the sociologist “Levada-center” Karina Pipia.

In may, President Vladimir Putin explained in “Sobchak Case” your choice during the August coup. He called the events of August 1991 attempted coup. Putin noted that he had decided to stay with Sobchak not to “rush here and there”.

In 2016 the Russians learned attitude to the events of 25 years ago. It was found that about 17 percent of Russians believe that the country would be better if the leaders of the emergency Committee held power. A quarter of respondents were confident that victory putsch would have a negative impact on Russia. With 30 percent of Russians “don’t know” or “heard something” about the August coup.

The August 1991 coup, referred to the political events that took place August 18-21. They are evaluated by authorities as a coup attempt by members arose in those days of the coup. Thus, according to the Committee members, the main goal was to prevent the collapse of the USSR.

The putsch was resisted by the leadership of Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Vice President Alexander Rutskoi. In their appeal, the Council House (“White house” — currently, the building of the government of the Russian Federation) gathered thousands of people.

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