USA and Russia has predicted “accidental” nuclear war


Photo: RIA Novosti

Between the US and Russia, and, less likely, China, the possible unintended nuclear conflict, writes The National Interest.

Us magazine notes that in these countries, management system, responsible for command, communications, control and intelligence services, which had previously tracked only the use of enemy nuclear ballistic missiles currently carry out surveillance and launch non-nuclear weapons.

“Until the mid 1980-ies, for example, the American early-warning satellites were used exclusively to detect the launch of missiles with nuclear weapons. Today they allow a variety of non-nuclear mission, for example, by providing information on missile defense, associated with the normal interception of ballistic missiles” — wrote in the journal International Security James Acton of the Carnegie endowment for international peace (USA).

TNI believe that Russia’s attack on these satellites can be perceived USA as a signal to start a nuclear war. “Russia, China and the United States will probably waive the cost of the separation of their nuclear and non-nuclear control systems and means”, — writes the edition.

TNI concludes that “missile defense system became a common object”, but the attack on such systems can still be interpreted as the beginning of a nuclear war.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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