Announced headliners Geek Picnic in St. Petersburg


Photo: Eugene Novozenina / RIA Novosti

In Saint-Petersburg in Gorky Park. Kirov on Elagin island on August 18th and 19th will be the largest annual popular science festival. The main theme of the festival will be Human Evolution, according to a press release received by “the”

During the event, speakers will talk about the future of humanity, technological utopia and dystopia, technoetic and dilemmas related to the development of artificial intelligence, future cities, digital immortality, about the amazing relationships the Universe, the colonization of Mars and the moon. Headlining will be the specialist in the field of elementary particle physics, string theory and cosmology, the first woman to be awarded the position of a physics theorist at MIT and Harvard, Lisa Randall, bestselling author of “All the lies” Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, the flamboyant film Director Maxim Didenko and others.

The festival will be available a huge Board game — Mega-jenga, pool, football, giant slingshot from Angry Birds Park, Gorilla Park, and VR-rides with more than 40 games. Also on site will appear in area Science Adult visitors over the age of 18. It is planned excursion into the world of technology and science in the context of the interaction of the sexes in the future and will help with the definition of gender.

Geek Picnic is the largest annual festival dedicated to the achievements of science and technology, and cultural and subcultural phenomena. In different years at Geek Picnic were made by the astronauts, biologists, founders of successful projects, Directors, hackers, bloggers, artists, actors. Informative and scientific program of the festival in 2018 oversees the Advisory Council, which includes leading scientists, science communicators, and public figures. In 2017 in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Krasnodar, the visitors of the festival were almost 70 thousand people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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