Children’s writer was horrified by the ignorance of the Bandera Ukrainian children


Larisa, Nicotto: page Larissa Nicoll in Facebook

The majority of Ukrainian children does not know anything about the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalists of the mid-twentieth century. About this on air of the TV channel ZIK said children’s writer Larissa Nicoll, the video is available on YouTube.

The writer told how he sang songs from the repertoire of the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA prohibited in Russia) in one of the camps of the country. In the song mentioned the leader of the UPA, Stepan Bandera — Nicoll asked the children who that was.

It turned out that the correct answer to this question was given only two of 60 children aged 8 to 13 years. “The response of the children: “Bender is the one who plays Bender (obviously, bandura — approx. “Of the”“. I have no words”, — shared his impressions Nicoi.

In her opinion, to blame a school teacher who “ran” into the curriculum. “And since this was not yet, that they with the twelve-year-old children have not yet read,” said Nicoll. The writer pointed out that Ukrainian society is seething because of the discussions about Bandera, and the children are “isolated”.

“Master, you two”, — concluded the writer.

9 Aug Nicoll made a statement that in children’s summer camps located on the Kiev-controlled areas of the country should not relax the children of immigrants from Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The writer claims that the Ukrainian children’s camps of rest “glorifying Russia” children. “Their parents are now fighting with us, and these children tell: my father was killed like your father,” added Nicoll.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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