In the United States called the cause of the inability to conquer Russia


Photo: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

USA, Russia, Afghanistan, China and India are countries that it is impossible to win, says We Are The Mighty.

The American edition Patriotic notes that the United States will not be able to capture not only the most powerful on the planet, Armed forces, large area and high population, but also due to the resolution of the citizens to own weapons. “This means that every American Arsenal can recruit and train your own group of Wolverine”, — writes the edition.

The impossibility of the conquest of Russia WATM connects not only with harsh climatic conditions, vast territory and a country’s army, but also with the characteristics of the population. “The Russians would rather destroy their country than leave her to any aggressor”, — the newspaper writes. According to WATM, in case of an attack on Russia on her side begin to fight Pro-Russian former Soviet republics, in particular Kazakhstan.

Resource calls Afghanistan the “graveyard of empires”. “This includes the current sole superpower in the world, the United States, the only superpower that ever existed, the Soviet Union, and the largest Empire ever formed in the world — British,” writes WATM. According to the newspaper, the impossibility of the invasion of Afghanistan due to the difficult geographical terrain of the country and the need for subordination of an extremely heterogeneous population. “Even after 17 years of stay in the country, many Americans are unable to understand that one of those ethnic groups that I just mentioned, actually is a dish of rice (the risotto — approx. “Of the”), “writes WATM.

The main reason for failing to capture China paper calls the 1.3 billion people of the country. Additional factors are considered a large area of the state, diseases caused by overcrowding, and a developed economy that copy technological advances of other countries, which can be a powerful aircraft.

The impossibility of the conquest of India due to climate and geography (the Himalayas in the northeast and desert in the Northwest) features, as well as “naval strategy”, involving the filling of coastal waters by submarines of preventing enemy ships. “Almost limitless human resources, religious fervor and one billion people will make them a formidable opponent on any front,” — writes the resource.

In July WATM called “lame” weapons of Russia. In particular, it cited a cruise missile with global range, with compact heavy-duty nuclear power plant “Burevestnik”. The range of such weapons in WATM compared with the distance that in February 2007 on the car “in a diaper for the sake of victory in a love triangle” passed NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak.

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