The British lived for 28 years with the lens in the eye


Photo: Sirjhun Patel / BMJ Case Reports

In the UK from the eyes of the patient removed her contact lens, which stayed in it for 28 years. This was reported in the publication Science Alert.

42-year-old resident of the Scottish town of Dundee about six months sore and swelled eyes. When she reached the doctor, she did an MRI and found the upper eyelid cyst with a diameter of about six millimeters. The woman was hospitalized and prepared to carry out surgery to remove tumors.

“We found a cyst in the soft tissues above the upper fornix of the conjunctiva. On century there was no trace of previous injury. During removal the cyst ruptured, and from it dropped a contact lens”, — said the ophthalmologist Helen Margatroid (Helen Murgatroyd), one of three doctors involved in the case of plaid.

After the surgery, the woman said that not wearing contact lenses several decades and has no idea where it came from in her century. In the end, the patient’s mother remembered that when she was 14, she was in my eyes the shuttlecock during a badminton game. Then the lens is not found and decided that it fell out and got lost. Since then, the Scottish did not wear contact lenses.

Margatroid said that this happens very rarely. Besides, most of the time the lens didn’t cause the patient any problems. However, she urged colleagues to carefully examine the eye after injury.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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