The girl swore at the groom too cheap for an engagement ring


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The girl cursed her fiance a cheap engagement ring after accidentally discovered a receipt for its purchase. It is reported by The Sun.

“Beloved man proposed to me and presented a white gold ring with diamond. I was very happy and excited, but I was disappointed with its size. The first word that came to mind when I saw the ring — “small”. He is usually very generous. But he bought the ring for 1.3 thousand pounds (107 thousand). I was sure that such a significant ornament, he will spend a lot more,” she wrote in a post on the platform Mumsnet.

She added that she would prefer to choose the ring together so it is like both partners. “A piece of jewelry that I will wear every day all my life, and I should love him. But I can’t,” complained the bride.

Many users of the resource have supported her and advised to confess to the groom and ask you to choose another ring.

The bride was soon deleted the post and chose to remain anonymous.

In June, fans have fun going to get married food bloggers too small for an engagement ring. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the size presented by the groom jewelry, calling it the most tiny in the world.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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