The mine in the Sverdlovsk region failed miners


Photo: Vladimir Yurlov / RIA Novosti

On mine “Severopeschanskaya” in the city of Krasnoturinsk Sverdlovsk region killed the two miners. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

Mine is 131 people, they decided not to evacuate.

In turn, the administration of the mine said to “Interfax” that as a result of the collapse one worker was killed, the other with minor injuries were brought to the surface and refused hospitalization. PE eliminated. Mine continues to work.

Approval of another interlocutor of the Agency, in the supervision services of the region, as a preliminary version is considered a security breach, as well as natural causes.

20 December 2017 in the ventilation drift mine “Esaul” in the Kemerovo region collapsed. At the time of caving in the mine were 100 people. 97 miners were able to get to the surface for rescue of the others attracted more than 90 people and 15 vehicles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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