Woman-transgender humiliated at the airport because of men’s photos in the passport


Photo: Lenore Herrem page in Facebook

Passenger canadian airline WestJet has complained that the airport staff humiliated her in front of other tourists for a photo in the passport. It is reported by the Newshub.

Female transgender Lenor Herrem had planned to fly from calgary to Saskatoon to parents, but when boarding the plane she had problems. The employee of the airport, checking her papers, embarrassed by the photo ID because it was made five years ago, when Hurrem was still a man.

According to the passenger, the worker of the airport several times repeated: “They are not the same”, looking at the girl’s face and her photograph. “Several times I gently explained to her that I’m transgender, but my face remained the same. And my name on the boarding pass matches the name in the passport,” said Herren.

Another employee then allowed the passenger to pass to his seat in the plane, but after 10 minutes, both employees of airport and went to the salon and asked her again to show ID. “It was very humiliating and unprofessional. Especially how loud they asked the questions all the other passengers,” complained Herrem.

The airline representative apologized to Lenore Herrem and said that WestJet is trying to extol the inclusiveness of all human characteristics.

In June, the woman is transgender from Scotland complained to the store employees Debenhams because they were not allowed to try on clothes in the women’s locker room. Jay Campbell chose an evening dress for a wedding of a friend and went to the women’s dressing room. There she was stopped by the sales assistant and asked to go down to the floor below — in the men’s Department. Campbell explained that she is transgender, but it didn’t work.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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