Disproved the myth about the appearance of Egyptian mummies


Photo: Stringer / Reuters

Archaeologists from the University of York in the UK found that the ancient Egyptians invented mummification long before the reign of the pharaohs (the first dynasty began to rule in the year 3120 BC), which is much earlier than scientists thought. This publication reports Science Alert.

The researchers analyzed the mummy of S. 293 (RCGE 16550), which is 5500-5700 years. In the early XX century human remains were purchased by an Italian Egyptologist and Director of the Museum of Turin, Ernesto We, however mummy was sold without accompanying documents, and its origin remained unknown. It was believed that the body was mummified naturally due to the hot, dry air of the desert.

However, in 2014, archaeologists noticed that the cloth in which was wrapped the mummy, there are traces of chemicals used for embalming. In the new study, experts conducted radiocarbon Dating of the fabric, as well as chemical analysis of tissue using mass spectrometry, which allows identification of molecules.

The results confirmed the presence of embalming substances, which was made from vegetable oil, wood, balsam, resin of coniferous tree gum. Were also found traces of anti-infective drugs that prevent the rotting mummy. Also managed to confirm that the body belongs to the man 20-30 years, underwent mummification about 3600 years BC. This is 1500 years earlier than the originally set time of the emergence of the practice of preserving the body.

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