Father jumped off the balcony to save my son


Photo: North Shore hospital

In Sydney, Australia a man jumped from a balcony to save his child. About this site reports News.co.au.

A former soldier and deep sea diver brad Lewis (Brad Lewis) was visiting a friend with eight-year-old son Oscar. The boy was playing with nerf-Blaster — toy gun that shoots soft balls or Darts. A few bullets through the open balcony door flew into the street. The boy ran to the balcony, leaned from the railing to look for the lost bullets, and lost his balance.

Lewis noticed that the son is falling, jumped after him and managed to grab him, after which both fell down from a height of four metres and landed on concrete. In the fall the man grabbed the child, to soften the blow.

The boy suffered a concussion and brain injury, and skull fracture. He was discharged from the hospital, and he is now recovering at home. Lewis received opened cherepno-a brain trauma, concussion, brain injury and injured his neck, it was Expected that his treatment would take six months to a year.

In June it was reported that the Chinese city of Huaihua passer-by climbed a wall on the fifth floor of a residential building to rescue a toddler from falling.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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