Named the fastest-selling product


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Intelligence service announcements “Yula” calculated the fastest-selling products of summer. According to the research service, which is at the disposal “of the”, most likely sold ads from the category “home appliances” — they find a buyer in less than a day.

“The biggest part of “quick sales” has appeared in the category “home appliances”. While faster than “Julia” sold refrigerators and washing machines,” the report says. According to the “ula”, 29 per cent of all hosted products in this category buy the first day.

Category “Phones and tablets” was in second place, only 26 percent go for the first day. The top three short products section electronics 23% ads find his master in less than 24 hours. In particular, this applies to TVs, speakers and subwoofers.

Goods for sports and rest were to a lesser extent in demand, although about 70 percent of all of the exposed bikes, and scooters gyrometers also go for the first day.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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