Real Madrid sent Ronaldo in the past


Photo: Alex Livesey / Getty Images

Midfielder of real Madrid Casemiro has claimed that forward Cristiano Ronaldo for the team in the past now. The words of the player leads Marca.

“Of course, we missed Ronaldo, but he is now in the past. We can’t hide one fact: any team it would not suffice”, — said Casemiro.

The midfielder spoke about the defeat against Atletico Madrid in the match for the Supercup of Europe: “We’re hurting because of the loss, but this is just the beginning. We have complete confidence in our coach. To apologize — not in the style of real Madrid. We win and lose together.”

“Real” lost “Atletiko” with the account 2:4. Regulation time ended with the score 2:2, but extra creamy conceded twice. Casemiro played 76 minutes.

Before the match the captain of real Madrid Sergio Ramos criticized the departed to Juventus Ronaldo for speaking out about the bad atmosphere in the Madrid team: “we Have a team atmosphere in the family, so I don’t know what he was talking about Ronaldo. We won many victories, because we’re family, and Cristiano was part of this family.”

Ronaldo moved from real Madrid to Juventus on 10 July. The Portuguese played for real Madrid since 2009 and became the top scorer in its history. Team Ronaldo and four times winner of the Champions League.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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