Russia has ceased to get rid of US debt


Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters

Russia in June ceased to reduce its stake in the securities of U.S. Treasury (debt), follows from the statements of the U.S. Treasury.

According to authorities, in June the amount of Treasury securities possessed by Russia, has not changed compared to may, amounting to 14.9 billion dollars. For comparison, from March to may, Moscow got rid of bonds in the amount of $ 80 billion.

Earlier, the experts of the Council on foreign relations (CFR) reported that Russia sold 84 per cent of United States Treasury securities, as follows from the statements of the U.S. Treasury, and much less hiding about 39 percent of the bonds in the offshore in Belgium and the Cayman Islands.

In mid-July, according to the Ministry of Finance of the USA, Russia withdrew from the list of 33 countries — the largest holders of US Treasury securities.

In April it was reported that Moscow sold bonds in the amount of 47.5 billion dollars, about half of the existing American debt securities. Then in the ranking of countries-holders of Russia dropped from 16 th to 22 th place.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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