Russia has refused to be mad at trump


Donald Truephoto: Carlos Barria / Reuters

The Russian authorities do not hold a grudge against the President of the United States Donald trump because of new sanctions against Moscow. In the Kremlin continue to hope that the American leader will be able to fulfill their promises and to improve relations of the countries, writes Bloomberg.

As stated in an interview with the Agency Director General, Russian international Affairs Council (RIAC) Andrei Kortunov, “the Kremlin understands the logic of trump and the fact that the reaction of the markets and the public excessive, because nothing terrible has happened.” “Everyone understands that trump had to respond to the actions of Congress and what is important to him to slow down”, he added.

Bloomberg notes that while Moscow does not accept the response and only limited to angry rhetoric. At the same time, the Russian side believes that the President of the United States intends to restore the relationship and take action as soon as they are able.

Earlier on 16 August, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow is considering a response to the extension of the sanctions list of the USA, where were the Russian company “PROFINET”. He pointed out that Washington continues to tighten sanctions spiral “under pressure from the political Beau Monde, configured negatively to Russia.”

On 8 August the us Department of state announced the introduction of new sanctions against Russia, accusing Moscow of “using biological or chemical weapons in violation of international law or against its own citizens”.

The first block (22 August) suggests a total ban on exports to Russia of electronic devices and components of dual use. The second part of the sanctions introduced suspended for three months and we are talking about lowering the level of diplomatic relations, withdrawal of permission for Aeroflot to make flights to the USA and almost complete cessation of trade between the countries.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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