Saleeven the roof with a banner with the Governor of the pensioners made the repairs


Photo: Tatyana Smirnova / “Blueberry”

Seniors, zaklyuchil leaky roof of bath banner with the Governor of Karelia and a member of the party “United Russia” Artur Parfenchikov, free uploaded working and repaired the building. It is reported portal “Blueberry”.

Local newspaper reported on the unusual trends in one of the villages of Pudozh district. Local people began to put banners dilapidated buildings. In particular, the journalist published a photo of the bath on the roof which sported a banner with the head of Karelia.

On the day of publication article in a publication called the person who claimed to be an employee which produces the banners of the organization, and asked what the village used the banner with the Deputy-United Russia. To search the yard with the image Parfenchikov has connected members of the “United Russia”. It turned out that the bath belongs to pensioners who have no money to buy roofing iron. “The elderly United Russia iron is not offered, instead a strong banner they brought the roofing material and given free work,” — said “Blueberries”.

“This would speed the party in power respond to the needs of people as they searched the roof. It was not necessary to specify, even if the whole country was searched, looked, how people live and the poverty of the roof croutes…” — outraged local residents.

At the end of June Nizhniy Novgorod road service paved the pit, in which were photographed the fans of the national team of Croatia. They were laughing at the depth of the pit into which they fit almost to the waist. The photo has generated a lot of jokes and became a meme.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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