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The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), the U.S. sent Tesla a message concerning the statements of Elon musk about the transformation of the company in private. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to informed sources.

SEC requested information from each of the Directors of Tesla. If it was not specified what data it is interested in. The press-Secretary of the Commission, Judith burns, and a Tesla representative declined to comment. Bloomberg noted that the trial probably will take some time.

Elon Musk has subjected himself to legal risk, on 7 August, saying on his Twitter about the willingness to buy Tesla at a price of $ 420 per share, then he added that “funding secured”. The first statement provoked a sharp increase shares by 10 percent, and then drop them.

Some shareholders later Tesla filed a lawsuit against the Mask, explaining that they suffered significant losses due to false information. Then the SEC became interested in why Tesla’s chief made this statement not in an official document, and on Twitter. “The whole format of his statement was highly problematic and unusual,” explained a former member of the Commission, Harvey pitt.

A week later, Musk was forced to explain what pushed him to this decision. The Foundation began conversations with the representatives of the sovereign wealth Fund of Saudi Arabia, who offered to help Tesla become a private company. According to the businessman, the company’s transition from one status to another will provide a price for the shares to smaller fluctuations. At the same time he stressed that the decision is not yet final.

The Agency also notes that Tesla may face problems of regulation and outside of the SEC investigation. The company is likely to require the approval of members of the national security of the United States if the talks with Saudi Arabia will be successful and it will Finance the deal.

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