The Budapest airport was closed due to the container from Russia


Photo: Bernadett Szabo / Reuters

One of the terminals of the Budapest airport was closed for three hours because of the incident with the container, imported from Russia. It was a radioactive substance, reports Reuters with reference to the Hungarian authorities.

According to representatives of the airport due to the closure of the terminal was delayed eight flights. The representative of the office of emergency situations of Hungary Marton Hajdu noted that none of the passengers was hurt. He also added that the harmful substances were not included in the environment.

The audit was conducted due to an overheated container, which was an isotope of iridium. The substance was ordered by a Hungarian company in the Russian city of Dimitrovgrad. The container was on Board the aircraft, arrived in Budapest from Istanbul.

According to the representative of the company Izotop Intezet Kft, the increase in temperature during transportation of such materials is normal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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