The crew of the Russian tanker warned about the risk of capture of the Ukrainian authorities


Photo: LLC “V. F. Tanker”

The Russian crew of chemical tanker “Mekhanik Pogodin”, illegally detained in the Ukrainian port of Kherson, expressed fears of a possible military seizure of the vessel. This is stated in the statement of the company-shipowner LLC “V. F. Tanker”.

“The crew of the vessel “Mekhanik Pogodin” and the goods remain blocked in the port of Kherson. The captain of the ship could not get permission to leave the port, unloading of diesel fuel is prohibited, and the port authorities are unable to provide a list of complaints about the ship or the shipowner,” — say in the company.

August 15, the captain was informed of a potential audit with the alleged unsatisfactory condition of the vessel. With less than a month ago, the ship has successfully passed the relevant checks in the Ukrainian port Yuzhny, reported the administration of the port of Kherson when you request permission to set the tanker in the waters of the port.

“The grounds for review does not relate to the stated reasons for the detention of the ship. All this testifies to the “excruciating” search for the Ukrainian authorities the formal grounds for detention. The attempt to penetrate to the ship a significant number of people under the guise of any audits raises concerns the capture of the power”, — summed up in the company.

“The mechanic Pogodin” was illegally detained on August 10 coastal authorities of Ukraine. The prohibition of customs on uploading and a ban on exit from the water area on the basis of orders of the security service of Ukraine received after the vessel to the pier. Appointed the permanent representative of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Crimea Borys Babin said that the security Service of Ukraine intends to arrest a ship that belongs under sanctions Kiev Russian company. On Board are 12 crew members — citizens of Russia.

Ukrainian border guards March 25, detained in the Azov sea fishing boat “Nord” under the flag of Russia with 10 crew members on Board. The ship was at a port in the Crimea, which Ukraine considers its territory.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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