The English club has shown the fans of erotica instead of football


Photo: @btscnnr

In the bar at the stadium club “Bristol Rovers” at halftime of the League Cup against the “Crawley town” instead of football was shown on broadcast adult channels. Reported by the BBC.

Fans are faced with the fact that the break on the screens located in the bar arena “memorial stadium” there was a girl in her underwear, which offered the audience a private communication by telephone or by correspondence. The program of the TV channel Babestation has been off, but after playing on the screens again began to show adult channels. At this moment indoors there were minors.

Apparently, someone used a universal remote and switched the channel Babestation. “Bristol Rovers” have already begun to investigate the incident.

The match ended with a home win. “Bristol Rovers” beat “Crawley town” with the score 2:1.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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